Moyra Stamper Head No 03

Moyra Stamper Head No 03

Replacement stamper head no 01 Stamper replacement head nr 1 Softer and stickier clear replacement heads are available for Moyra stampers No. 02 and 03. We suggest to use these heads when stamping with shape cards or using white nail polish for stamping. There is no need to prep these heads, just wipe them off with acetone free nail polish remover before the first use and then clean them with lint roller for preserving the silicone. 

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Stampers developed for best suiting the Moyra stamping plates. We recommend to prep the stampers before the first use by thoroughly wiping them with acetone free nail polish remover. (The firm, non-sticky white heads can even be lightly buffed before the first use.) For preserving the silicone, clean the stampers with lint roller or Moyra 2:1 Cleaner, the white heads can be wiped with acetone free nail polish remover from time to time.


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