Moyra Stamper No 08 Ice Clear

Moyra Stamper No 08 Ice Clear

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Perfect positioning, nice symmetrical designs, double stamping: all very easy with the Moyra pIXL Clear, Ice Clear, Duo – Clear, and Clear Vision Stampers. The water clear heads and the specially developed see through handles ensures that you have a clear view of where to place the design. These stamper heads are made of a unique, water clear Silicone, which is very sensitive and fragile.

Pressure and unnecessary impacts may cause the silicone head to crack, its edges to chip off, so it is recommended to keep the heads in their handles while cleaning and putting the cap back on after use. Thus avoiding any damage.

Cleaning with acetone or even acetone free nail polish removers should be avoided, as they may blur the head with time. Instead, use a lint roller or Moyra 2:1 Cleaner for Cleaning.

WARNING: Acetone and acetone free nail polish removers may matte the transparent Plastic handle of clear stampers, so make sure to keep them away from such Materials. We suggest cleaning the handles with warm soapy water or alcohol.


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