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Moyra Acid Free Primer


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Moyra Acid-Free Primer - the key to superior adhesion! Achieve flawless gel and acrylic artificial nails with this essential solution. By removing excess moisture and oil from natural nails, Moyra Acid-Free Primer creates the perfect base for long-lasting results. Elevate your nail game with optimal adhesion using Moyra Acid-Free Primer. Experience the difference today!

Moyra Acid Free Primer 

To ensure the proper adhesion of gel and acrylic artificial nails, it is recommended to utilize a Moyra Acid-Free Primer solution. This solution functions by removing excess moisture and oil from the surface of the natural nails, thereby creating an optimal base for the application of artificial nails.

It is crucial to note that this process necessitates the use of an acid-free primer, as it will remain tacky and not fully dry after application. This persistent tackiness is essential for the effective bonding of the artificial nails to the natural nails, resulting in a durable and long-lasting finish.

Overall, the application of the Moyra Acid-Free Primer solution, followed by the use of an acid-free primer, will produce an optimal environment for the adhesion of gel and acrylic artificial nails, ensuring a flawless and enduring finish.

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