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Moyra Acrylic Powder Clear


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Moyra Acrylic - the epitome of fine acrylic powder! Available in various colors to match the natural nail, these powders ensure impeccable adhesion and strength. Say goodbye to yellowing and hello to strong, flexible artificial nails. With their finely ground texture, Moyra Acrylic powders offer perfection when used correctly. Elevate your nail game with Moyra Acrylic and experience the difference today!

Moyra Acrylic

Very Fine Acrylic Powder that comes in Different colours which suit for the different colours of the natural Nail. They guarantee perfect adhesion, no yellowing but strong and Flexible Artificial Nail. Due to their fine grinding - if used right powder - Liquid ratio - they are easy to form and to level nicely and evenly. It is simple to form nice sharp smile lines and C - curves with them. Their drying speed is medium optimal for most users


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