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Moyra Aquqline No 02 Blue


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Experience the magic of waterway nail art with Moyra Aqualine Gel! Specially designed for the wet-on-wet technique, our high-quality base color and easy-to-spread colored gels ensure vibrant and stunning results. With intense pigmentation, you'll achieve the perfect end result every time. Let your creativity flow and dive into the world of waterway nail art with Moyra Aqualine Gel!

Moyra Aqualine Gel

The Moyra AquaLine product line is the perfect choice for the wet-on-wet or waterway decorative technique. High-quality base color, easy-to-spread colored gels, and intense pigmentation are essential to this decorating technique, which is the key to the perfect end result. From now on, the base in which the colored Aqualine gels are located is also available in a clear version in addition to white, so that Aqualine decorations can be made in any color of your choice.

LED setting time 45 sec

UV setting time 2-3 min

Packaging 5 g


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