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Moyra Artistic Painting Gel No 05


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Experience the brilliance of Moyra Artistic Painting Gel. With its highly pigmented and tack-free formula, these gels provide exceptional coverage in just one layer. Perfect for creating smooth color transitions and intricate designs, their thick texture ensures precise application without any flowing. Whether you're painting in layers or filling in stamped designs, Moyra Artistic Painting Gel is your go-to choice for stunning nail art creations.

Moyra Artistic Painting Gel

These tack-free painting gels are highly pigmented. therefore they cover really well even in one layer and they are perfect choice for making colour transition when painting with gels. In addition due to their thick texture they do not flow, so they are also suitable for paint in several layers and fill in different stamped designs.

Unit Size 5g

LED setting time 45 sec

UV setting time 2 to 3 minutes


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