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Moyra Colour Acrylic No 08 - Misty


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Moyra Colour Acrylic an exceptional range of finely ground and highly pigmented acrylic powders. Our collection boasts an extensive array of colors, including matte, neon, metal, pearl, and glitter variations, providing you with an unusually wide selection to suit your preferences. Organized into distinct categories based on their effects, our color acrylics come in basic, pastel, neon, and glitter shades. With their remarkable coverage, effortless application, our color acrylics lend themselves perfectly to nail decorations, leaving behind an elegant finish. Explore our range and elevate your nail art with Moyra Colour Acrylics.

Moyra Colour Acrylic

Extra Finely  grinded Highly pigmented colour Acrylics for perfect covering, bright colours and easy applying in the unusually wide colours selection you can find matte, neon, metal, pearl, and glitter colours. The shades can also be divided into different groups in their effects: we offer basic, pastel, neon and glitter colors. Thus, all ideas can be easily realized, whether we want our manicure in simple monochrome, glittery or metallic shine, or in clean pastel colors. In addition to maintaining an optimal liquid-powder ratio, the material is easy and easy to shape, has excellent opacity and is also excellent for detailed 3D decoration. Not only can it be used on the entire surface, but it can also be combined perfectly with Stamping, or it can be used to effect sub-surfaces or beautiful patterns. Available in dozens of colors and shades, it is an excellent accessory for artificial nail building, nail decoration, manicure, and beautiful, elegant decorations can be made with it. Apply it to the entire surface, create cheerful, elegant, seasonal Stamping, and decorate something with freehand patterns. Colour Acrylics powders create an elegant effect after application, making them an excellent choice for nail decorations for weddings, birthdays or even small family events, where we do not make our manicure for casual clothes. As it is also available in bright colors, it is also an ideal option for everyday.

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