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Moyra Double Care Magical Oil 2:1


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Moyra Double Care Magical Oil 2:1- the ultimate double care magic oil for nails and cuticles! 🌟 This fruity-scented two-phase oil combines nourishing and moisturizing components to protect and pamper your nails and skin. Simply shake the bottle to activate the magic serum that makes your nails strong and your cuticles soft and supple. Treat your nails to the best care with Moyra Double Care Magical Oil 2:1. Get yours now and experience the magic! 💅ðŸ”Ū

💅Double care magic oil ðŸ”Ū ðŸĪŠShake the product, then enjoy the beneficial effects of the formula. 🍓Bi-phasic, fruity nail and skin care oil. By shaking the product, the nourishing and moisturizing components of the oils are mixed and activated. The serum protects and cares for nails and makes dry and worn cuticles soft.


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