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Moyra Full Cover Tips Oval Shape


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Moyra Full Cover Tips - the ultimate solution for easy and quick nail sculpting! Crafted from an incredibly flexible and durable material, these tips make nail art a breeze. Simply paint with your favorite gel polish and let your creativity run wild with decorations. Elevate your nail game and achieve flawless results with Moyra Full Cover Tips. Get yours today and unlock endless possibilities for stunning nail designs!

Moyra Full Cover Tips 
Easy and quick use with an incredibly flexible and durable material!
Make your nail sculpturing easier with the Moyra Full Cover Tip, available in four different shapes! Apply the tips with the specially developed Moyra Tip Glue Gel I., then paint with your favorite gel polish and decorate with your favorite technique! Tips can be shortened, shaped, filed easily! It is soakable.
How to use:
1. Prepare the nail for building and select the tip size that best fits the nail.
2. Put a base layer and cure for 30 seconds
2. Apply the right amount of Moyra Tip Glue Gel in the inside of the tip
3. Press the tip on the nail and cure the gel in UV or LED lamp
4. Adjust the length of the free edge by filing it
5. Decorate the surface of the nail as you wish
500 pieces. 12 sizes / box

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