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Moyra Gel Jewelry Brush # 06 Straight


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Discover the Moyra Gel Brush - your ultimate tool for flawless gel application! This high-quality brush is designed for smooth and precise application, ensuring professional-looking results every time. Achieve stunning gel manicures with ease using the Moyra Gel Brush. Upgrade your nail game today and experience the difference!

Moyra Gel Brush

1. Remove the brush cap.

2. Before the first use, wash the brush, gently remove the adhesive from the bristles.

3. Clean the brush after use, wipe off the material with a paper towel. If necessary, rotate the head of the brush in light gel, it will dissolve the colored materials from the fibers. Afterwards, wipe off the material with a paper towel and put the cap back in such a way that the bristles of the brush lie neatly on top of each other and do not come apart.

It is worth keeping a separate brush for glitter gels, so that the snow-white and light-colored gels are not contaminated by any glitter particles left in the brush. It is also worth using a separate brush for construction.


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