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Moyra HEMA Free Mini Gel Polish No 11


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Introducing Moyra HEMA Free Mini Gel Polish - a professional formula crafted for sensitive nails. Free from HEMA, it strengthens and reduces brittleness, offering medium consistency, superior adhesion, and flexibility. Compatible with all lamp types, our HEMA Free base and no-wipe top gel provide enduring shine for weeks. Say goodbye to allergic reactions and embrace beautifully pigmented, fashionable colors with confidence!

Moyra Mini Gel HEMA Free

Professional formula without HEMA, which can be safely used on sensitive nails, strengthening them, and significantly reducing brittleness. Characterized by medium consistency, perfect adhesion, durability and flexibility. The Gel Polish base cures in all lamp types. The HEMA Free base and no-wipe high gloss top gel Provides Durability and shine for several weeks. This Product Family provides a solution for those who were not able to wear gel Polish on their nails before due to allergic reactions.

The new product line offers a solution for people with sensitive nails and skin! The members of the product range, which consists of beautifully pigmented, beautiful, fashionable colors, allow its use without irritating additives for those who have painful, allergic skin and therefore have not been able to enjoy the opportunities offered by the nail polish. .

What is HEMA?

Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) is a very small size of molecule, which often appears as one of the ingredients in cosmetic products.

HEMA makes the product cure UV/LED light and helps to improve adhesion and viscosity of the gel polish. In the same time HEMA may cause allergic or inflammatory reactions to people with Sensitive Nails.

UV Light - 2 Minutes

LED - 30 - 60 seconds

Unit Size 5.5 ml


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