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Moyra Holographic Polish 255 - Gravity



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Moyra Holographic Polish 

Nail Polish developed for Stamping in the most Frequently used Colours, Characterized by high pigmentation and Perfect coverage for easy Stamping.
We recommend the 6 striking shades of Chrome Stamping polishes for covering the whole nail surface. For stamped nails we recommend using the SP Aqua top coat or SP Top coat, as these are some of the few top coats on the market that does not dissolve and smear the thin stamped layer underneath.

Unit Size 12 ml

Welcome to Moyra Holographic Polish for Stamping: Your Ultimate Nail Art Companion

Crafted specifically for stamping, our nail polish comes in a range of frequently used colors, each boasting high pigmentation and perfect coverage. With Moyra Stamping Polish, achieving flawless stamped designs has never been easier.

Instructions for use:

  1. Shake well: Prior to each use, ensure to shake the Stamping polish vigorously for approximately 20 seconds to evenly distribute the pigments.
  2. Prepare the stamping plate: Clean the stamping plate thoroughly to remove any residue. Apply a small amount of Stamping polish onto the chosen design. Use a scraper to remove excess polish, then swiftly pick up the design with a stamper.
  3. Apply to the nail: Gently press the stamper onto the nail to transfer the design. Repeat the process for each nail.
  4. Seal the design: To preserve your stamped designs, apply a layer of SP Top Coat or SP Aqua Top Coat over the entire nail.

Experience the ease and precision of Moyra Stamping Polish. Elevate your nail art game and create stunning designs effortlessly.

Available in a convenient 12 ml size Bottle


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