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Moyra Kids Nail Art Stickers No 02


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Moyra Kids Nail Art Stickers

The perfect way to add adorable charm to your child's nails! Our stickers feature a delightful assortment of cute animals, bows, butterflies, unicorns, and captivating patterns in vibrant colors. These stickers can be used on their own for quick and easy nail art, or combined with other decorating techniques for endless creativity. Let your child's imagination soar with Moyra Kids Nail Art Stickers. Get ready for nail adventures filled with cuteness and joy!

Moyra Kids Nail Art Stickers

They contain cute animals, bows, butterflies, unicorns, as well as the most pleasing patterns for children in beautiful, vibrant colors.

These easy-to-attach, self-adhesive stickers are available in 2 different versions, plus you can choose from a myriad of motifs on one sheet! All you have to do is detach the selected figure from the arc and then place it on the nail. So in a few minutes you will have a colorful and spectacular, playful manicure!

They can be used on their own, but can be combined in a variety of other decorating techniques. Fill it with some crystal rhinestones, your manicure will be beautiful in a few minutes! You can also use it on natural nails, varnish gels and built-in nails.


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