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Moyra Liquid Tape


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Moyra Liquid Tape: Say Goodbye to Messy Cleanup!

Experience the ultimate solution for hassle-free cleanup with Moyra Liquid Tape. Simply apply it around the nail or any area where you want to prevent polish from getting on. Once your nail art is complete, remove the rubber layer with a single effortless movement, leaving your skin clean and polish-free. It's also a fantastic tool for creating stunning ombre gradients. Say goodbye to messy cleanup and embrace the convenience of Moyra Liquid Tape. Discover the difference today!

Moyra Liquid Tape

This product will keep your fingers clean when stamping your nail art. Just brush it on areas you want free of nail polish, wait until it dries (in about 3 minutes) and it turns clear. Then apply your polish or stamp your nails and then get rid of the mess by peeling the tape off!

Warning the product contains latex, not recommended to anybody with latex allergy.

Unit size 12 ml


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