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Moyra Masking Sticker No 02


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Unleash your creativity with Moyra Masking Stickers! These self-adhesive wonders allow you to bring your unique ideas to life. Whether you're creating intricate nail art designs or perfecting French nail decorations, Moyra Masking Stickers are here to help. Use them to frame your stamped or hand-painted motifs, or create stunning patterns by leaving areas free of polish or gel. With Moyra Masking Stickers, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your nail art game and let your imagination run wild with Moyra Masking Stickers!

Moyra Masking Sticker

Realize your particularly creative ideas with the new self-adhesive Moyra masking stickers! Use geometric shapes to create frames for stamped and hand-painted motifs, or leave areas free of gel polish, nail polish, or gel. Moyra masking stickers also help to create perfectly regular French nail decorations!

Size 11cm x 15cm


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