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Moyra Master Gel Brush Long Round


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Moyra Master Gel Brush Series

Master gel brush series from Moyra! For large, rounded and straight construction brushes for gel. Due to its size, it is especially suitable for the application of medium or dense materials, even when using larger amounts of material.

The rounded shape allows precise work along the rear and side ramps.

With the help of the perfectly cut brush, the shape of the free wind can be precisely formed, which significantly shortens the filing time of the mold and speeds up the work.

Explore the Moyra Gel Brush Care Instructions:

  1. Begin by removing the brush cap before each use.
  2. Prior to the initial use, ensure to wash the brush thoroughly, delicately eliminating any adhesive residue from the bristles.
  3. After every application, maintain the brush's cleanliness by wiping off any excess material with a paper towel. If necessary, immerse the brush head in a light gel solution to dissolve any color residue clinging to the bristles. Following this, wipe off the gel with a paper towel and securely re-cap the brush, ensuring the bristles are neatly aligned.
  4. To safeguard against contamination, it's advisable to employ separate brushes for glitter gels and construction purposes. This practice ensures that snow-white and light-colored gels remain untainted by any glitter particles or residue.

Introducing Moyra's Master Gel Brush Series! Crafted for precision, these brushes cater to a range of needs, including large, rounded, and straight construction brushes for gel applications. Their size makes them particularly suitable for handling medium to dense materials, even when applying larger quantities.

Thanks to their expertly crafted design, these brushes facilitate precise shaping of the free edge, significantly reducing mold filing time and expediting your work process. Experience the efficiency and precision of Moyra's Master Gel Brush Series today!


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