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Moyra Mini Gel Polish No 056


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Introducing Moyra Mini Gel Polish Collection – your vibrant palette of nail perfection! With over 120 stunning colors to choose from, our gel polishes bring your nails to life with vibrant hues and long-lasting shine. Easy to apply like traditional nail polish, yet durable like UV gels, Moyra Mini Gel Polish is the ultimate fusion of convenience and quality. Whether you're flaunting natural nails or rocking built extensions, experience exceptional durability and impeccable style with every coat. Elevate your nail game with

Moyra Mini Gel Polish – where color meets durability, and style knows no bounds!

Moyra Mini Gel

Colourful gel polish family with a lot of different colours. As easy to use as a nail polish, yet as durable as UV gels. Can be used on both natural and built nails. Vibrant colours long-lasting shine and exceptional durability.

Combining the benefits of UV light-curing gels with traditional nail polishes. It is easy to use, even as a nail polish, yet it has the durability of a UV gel. It stays on your nails for at least 3 weeks without bouncing off.
With Moyra gels, you can create an almost infinite number of shades by mixing several different colors.
It also binds under UV and LED lamps.

LED setting time 1 min

UV setting time 3 min

Packaging Size 5.5 ml


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