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Moyra Mini Gel Polish No 503 Magnetic Collection


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Moyra Mini Gel Polish Magnetic Collection - the magic of shine! Elevate your nail game with this enchanting gel polish that can be enhanced with the mesmerizing "cat eye" effect using the Moyra magnet. Experience the best of both worlds as it combines the benefits of UV light-curing gels with the ease of use of traditional nail polishes. Unleash your creativity and achieve stunning nails with the Moyra Mini Gel Polish Magnetic Collection. Discover the magic today!

Moyra Mini Gel Polish Magnetic collection

A magically shiny Gel Polish, the beauty of which can be further enhanced with the “cat eye” effect created with the help of the Moyra magnet.
Combining the benefits of UV light-curing gels with traditional nail polishes. It is easy to use, even as a nail polish, yet it has the durability of a UV gel. It stays on your nails for at least 3 weeks without bouncing. Can be used on both natural and built nails.
With Moyra Mini Gel, you can create an almost infinite number of shades by mixing several different colors.
It also binds under UV and LED lamps.

LED setting time 1 min

UV setting time 3 min

Packaging 5.5 ml


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