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Moyra Mini Stamping Plate No 118 - Dream on


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Enhance Your Look with Moyra Mini Stamping Plates!

Revamp your petite nails into stunning masterpieces with Moyra Mini Stamping Plates! Crafted specifically for smaller nails, our mini plate series offers the ideal solution for achieving intricate designs with full detail. With their compact size and wide array of designs, you can effortlessly add exquisite tiny details to elevate your nail art game. Explore our collection to find your new go-to designs and turn every day into a special occasion with Moyra Mini Stamping Plates! Elevate your nail style with precision and flair.

Introducing Moyra Mini Stamping Plate: Unlock Big Style for Small Nails

Elevate your everyday with our curated selection of Moyra Mini Stamping Plates designed to add a touch of glamour to your smaller nails. Achieve stunning designs with intricate details effortlessly, thanks to our compact yet versatile plates. Practical, beautiful, and perfect for any occasion.

Here's how to make the most of your Moyra Mini Stamping Plates:

  1. Start by removing the protective Blue Sticker from the Plate before your first use.
  2. Ensure a clean canvas by meticulously cleaning the Plate (2-3 times) with Moyra Nail Polish Remover or Plate Cleaner.
  3. Select your desired design and apply Stamping Nail Polish or Stamping Gel Polish onto the Plate.
  4. Use the Scraper at a 45-degree angle to remove any excess nail polish.
  5. Swiftly pick up the design with your stamper using a rolling or quick straight motion.
  6. Stamp the intricate design onto your nail with a similar fluid motion.
  7. Seal your masterpiece with a Top Coat—choose from SP Top Coat, Aqua Top Coat, or Ever Shine Top Coat for long-lasting results.
  8. Keep your Stamping Plate pristine by cleaning it with Moyra Nail Polish Remover or Moyra Plate Cleaner after each use.

A gentle reminder: Avoid using acetone on your Stamping Plate to preserve its quality and performance. Elevate your nail game with Moyra Mini Stamping Plates—your key to effortless elegance on smaller nails.


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