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Moyra Nail Art Magnet No 01


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Unleash the Magnetic "Cat Eye" Effect!

Achieve mesmerizing "Cat Eye" effects with Moyra Nail Art Magnet. This essential tool pairs perfectly with our Moyra Cat Eye magnetic Polish or Moyra Magnetic Gel. Simply use the different sides of the magnet to create stunning and unique effects on your nails. Elevate your nail art game with the captivating power of Moyra Nail Art Magnet. Get ready to turn heads with the magnetic allure. Explore the possibilities today!

Moyra Nail Art Magnet 

To achieve the "cat eye effect" using the Moyra Nail Art Magnet, first apply Moyra Cat Eye magnetic varnish or magnetic varnish gel to your nails. While the varnish or varnish gel is still wet, hold the magnet directly above your nail approximately 0.5 cm away, and the magnetic effect will immediately become visible on the nail. After 20-30 seconds, when the polish has dried a little, remove the magnet. For those using magnetic varnish gel, hold the magnet above the surface, and when the "cat eye" effect appears, place the nails under a UV/LED lamp.

Finally, apply a top coat to your nails as usual. For gel polish nails, apply a top coat gel, and for gel and porcelain nails, apply a gloss gel. This will ensure the durability and longevity of the design.


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