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Moyra Nail Care Oil Gel Papaya


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Discover the tropical secret to healthier nails with Moyra Nail Care Oil enriched with nourishing papaya fruit. Packed with vitamin A, this formula helps strengthen and protect your nails while restoring damaged nail beds. Experience the hydrating power of glycerin as it moisturizes the surface layer of your skin, leaving it soft and shiny. Treat your nails to the revitalizing benefits of papaya and indulge in the beauty of strong, beautiful nails. Elevate your nail care routine with Moyra Nail Care Oil and let your nails thrive with a touch of tropical luxury.

Moyra Nail Care Oil Gel

The special tropical fruit containing vitamin A helps to repair damaged nail beds and strengthen nails. Nail care oil gel with fruit extract rich in vitamins, what helps nourish, strengthen and protect nails and nails beds. Massage in the surface of nails and nail bed. Before using a nail polish, wash your nails thoroughly!

Unit Size 12 ml


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