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Moyra Nail Form 1003


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Moyra Nail Forms - the go-to choice for creating stunning acrylic or builder gel nails. Nail professionals worldwide rely on this popular technique. Discover our step-by-step guide for using nail forms and unlock your nail-building expertise. Elevate your skills and achieve flawless, customized nails with Moyra Nail Forms. Perfect your craft and create masterpieces today!

Moyra Nail Form

Building nails with acrylic or builder gel using nail forms is a popular technique among nail professionals. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use nail forms for building nails:

  1. Prep the nails: Begin by preparing the natural nails for the application of the acrylic or builder gel. This involves cleaning the nails, removing any polish or oils, and buffing the surface of the nails to create a rough texture that promotes better adhesion.
  2. Choose the right form: Select a nail form that is suitable for the shape and length of the nails you want to create. You can adjust the form to customize it further to your client's nail shape and size.
  3. Apply the form: Insert the form under the free edge of the nail, and then shape it around the finger. Ensure that the form adheres tightly to the nail plate and doesn't lift or move during the application process.
  4. Apply primer: Apply a thin layer of nail primer to the nails to promote better adhesion of the acrylic or builder gel.
  5. Apply acrylic or builder gel: Using a brush or spatula, apply a thin layer of acrylic or builder gel to the nail form, starting from the base of the nail and working towards the free edge. Ensure that the application is even and smooth.
  6. Shape the nails: Once the acrylic or builder gel has dried, remove the form and shape the nails using a file, buffer or e-file, depending on your preference and skill level. Be sure to create the desired shape and length, and refine the surface of the nails until they are smooth and uniform.
  7. Finish the nails: Finally, apply a top coat, buff the nails to create

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