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Moyra Nail Spa Cuticle Balm


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Indulge in the luxurious Moyra Nail Spa Cuticle Balm. This creamy balm, enriched with sweet almond oil, effortlessly softens and nourishes your skin. Its convenient brush applicator allows for easy and precise application to the cuticle area. Instantly absorbed, it leaves no greasy residue, only a delightful scent. Treat yourself to this must-have balm, perfect for post-nail treatments. Experience the ultimate nail spa experience with Moyra Nail Spa Cuticle Balm.

Moyra Nail Spa Cuticle Balm

The Nail spa is a creamy cuticle balsam, it contains sweet almond oil which makes your skin soft. Easy to use thanks to its brush: apply the balsam onto your cuticle area and rub it in. Absorbed instantly through the skin, without oily feeling, leaving nice smell. It is highly recommended after having your nails done.

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