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Moyra Painting Gel No 10 Red


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Unleash your creativity with Moyra Painting Gel. These vibrant gels offer incredible pigmentation and long-lasting decoration for your nails. With their intense color coverage, even in thin layers, they are ideal for creating stunning flat nail decorations, seamless color transitions, captivating Ombre effects, and captivating shadowing. Say goodbye to acrylic paint and explore endless possibilities with Moyra Painting Gel.

Moyra Painting Gel

Moyra Painting Gel incredible vivid colours, high pigmentation, long lasting decoration! Due to begin extraordinarily pigmented, these new gels have very intensive colour cover perfectly even in thin layers which makes them suitable for long lasting flat nail decorations, colour transitions, Ombre effects and shadowing. They are perfect alternatives for acrylic Paint.

The gel is not tack-free.

Unit size 5g

LED setting time 45 sec

UV setting time 2 to 3 minutes


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