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Moyra Pigment Powder No 47


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Unleash Your Colorful Creativity!

Elevate your nail art with Moyra Pigment Powder. These extra fine powders are designed to be mixed into nail polish, UV gels, acrylic powders. With just a small amount, you can create intense and personalized colors that are uniquely yours.

Discover the endless possibilities of color mixing and find your perfect shade. Let your creativity shine as you explore the vibrant world of Moyra Pigment Powder. Unlock the power of personalized colors with Moyra Pigment Powder. Get ready to make a colorful statement!

Moyra Pigment Powder

These extra fine powders can be mixed into nail polish. UV gels, acrylic powders or can be used even in make up. With very little powder you can create intensive, personalized colours. Use the endless possibility of mixing colours and find your own Shade

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