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Moyra Rainbow Love Flitter Mix No 01


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Elevate Your Nail Art with Moyra Rainbow Love Flitter Mix!

Indulge in the glamorous beauty of Moyra Rainbow Love Flitter Mix. These shimmering flakes in intense pink and red hues bring a touch of love and cheer to any nail art design. Perfect for use on nail polish, Gel Polish, gel, or any surface, these flitters feature delightful shapes including hearts, stars, and mouths.

Make a statement with your nails and add a dose of love and sparkle with Moyra Rainbow Love Flitter Mix. Get yours today and unleash your creativity!

Moyra Rainbow Love Flitter Mix

Glamorously beautifully shimmering, intense pink and red light with brilliant love and cheerful motifs that can be placed on nail polish, Gel Polish, gel or any surface! Its shapes include hearts, stars and mouths, among others!

It can be built into artificial nails, placed in the sticky surface of nail polish and gel, in gel Polish. When decorating natural nails, it is advisable to cover with a colorless topcoat for durability, in the case of  gel or built-in artificial nails, it should be covered with a gel Polish. The entire surface of the nail can be mixed with it, but the selected shape can be placed one by one with a crystal pick-up pencil.

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