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Moyra Self Adhesive stickers No 16


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Experience the essence of spring with Moyra Self-Adhesive Nail Art Stickers! Embrace the vibrant colors and blooming flowers of the season and let your creativity soar. From adorable butterflies to playful Easter bunnies, these stickers add a touch of charm to your nails. Easy to apply and versatile, they can be used on their own or combined with other nail art techniques. Get ready to embrace the beauty of spring and create stunning nail designs that capture the joy and freshness of the season. Explore our collection of Moyra Self-Adhesive Nail Art Stickers and let your nails blossom with springtime magic.

Moyra Self - Adhesive stickers 

Spring has Arrived for your Nails. It is easy to use, a self - adhesive sticker detached from the sheet should be placed on the nail and then covered for durability. Top coat should be SP Aqua Top coat in case of natural nails and gel polish top coat or Brush On UV Top Gel in case of gel polish and artificial Nails. They can be used on their own but can also be combined with a variety of other decorating techniques.

The size of the sheet is 8 x 10 cm


1. Prepare the Nails with base coat and/or nail polish and let it dry completely. You can also apply nail sticker on gel nail, prepare it as usual.

2. Remove the sticker sheet from its bag and carefully – without tearing – peel off the desired pattern from the paper.

3. Firmly press the sticker onto the right place on the nail and smooth it thoroughly so that no air remains under it.

4. Cover the decoration for durability. In the case of a nail polish base with a top coat, in the case of a gel polish base with a gel polish top. In the case of gel or Acrylic artificial nails, cover it with a gloss gel or a matte gel Top Coat.


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