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Moyra Shell Effect Powder No 01 - Silver


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Unleash the Beauty of Pearly Seashells!

Discover the captivating allure of Shell Effect Powder. Experience the mesmerizing effects of pearly seashells with Shell Effect Powder. These finely ground powders come in a range of beautiful shades that will leave you in awe. Achieving stunning results has never been easier, as Shell Effect Powder can be used in various ways. Create intricate Stamping patterns on the sticky surface of nail polish or varnish gel, or use it as a pigment powder in the traditional way. Elevate your nail art game with Shell Effect Powder and dive into a world of breathtaking beauty. Explore the possibilities now!

Shell Effect Powder

Extra finely grinded powders with the effects of pearly seashells. It is available in beautiful shades. It is simple to use, and the result is stunning. The amount of powder is enough for surface of nearly 400 nails.

It can be used to effect printing patterns on the sticky surface of nail polish and varnish gel in the traditional way as a pigment powder. To achieve a special clamshell effect, it must be rubbed into the fixed fixation-free surface with the help of an applicator in the same way as mirror powders. It is economical because a very small amount of powder can be used to achieve the desired abrasion. Covering is required for durability.

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