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Moyra Spider Gel No 01 White


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Get ready to weave stunning nail decorations with Moyra Spider Gel. Its unique gummy texture allows you to effortlessly pull thin threads, perfect for creating precise, straight or curved lines. Let your imagination run wild as you combine this versatile gel with other nail art techniques. Dive into a world of limitless creativity. Moyra Spider Gel is your secret weapon for extraordinary nail art. Explore the possibilities today!

Moyra Spider Gel

Colour gel suitable for special nail Decoration. Due to its gummy texture, it can be pulled into extremely thin threads with a thin brush, nail art dotting tool or the point end of a wood stick. It's ideal to create evenly thin, straight or even curved lines. Such lines can be very well combined with other nail art techniques. The gel in not tack-free.

Unit size 5g

LED setting time 30 sec

UV setting time 2 minutes


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