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Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner


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Elevate Your Nail Art Tools!

Keep your nail art tools in pristine condition with Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner. This perfect solution ensures that your tools stay clean and ready for flawless performance. Elevate your nail art game with the power of Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner. Discover the difference today and let your creativity shine.

Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner

Introducing Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner - the perfect solution to keep your nail art tools clean and in top condition.

To use, simply remove the cap from the bottle of cleaning fluid and use the practical nozzle to spray the liquid onto a lint-free wipe. Then, gently wipe the print head with the cloth to remove any residue. This should be done before or after every print to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your stamping tools.

After use, replace the cap securely to ensure the longevity of the product. Keep your nail art tools in tip-top condition with Moyra Stamper Head Cleaner.

Unit Size 100 ml


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