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Moyra Stamper No 13 Duo Clear


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Moyra Duo Clear Stamper: Precision and Clarity in Nail Art!

Achieve precise pattern placement and capture even the smallest details effortlessly with Moyra Duo Clear Stamper. Its transparent design allows for perfect positioning, as you can see through the handle to determine the exact placement of the pattern. With crystal-clear clarity, it leaves no shadows on the printing surface. The stamper features two different-sized print heads, ideal for recording even the tiniest samples. Plus, the practical caps provide protection against damage and dirt. Elevate your nail art game with Moyra Duo Clear Stamper and experience the perfect combination of precision and clarity. Explore the possibilities now!

Moyra Stamper

Perfect positioning, nice symmetrical designs, double stamping all very easy with Moyra clear Stampers. The water clear heads and the specially developed see-through handles ensure that you have a clear view of where to place the design. These stamper heads are made of a unique, water clear silicone, which is very sensitive and fragile. Pressure and unnecessary impacts may cause the silicone head to crack, its edges to chip off, so it is recommended to keep the heads in their handles while cleaning and putting the caps back on after use, thus avoiding any damage.

Cleaning with acetone or even acetone free nail polish removers should be avoid, as they may blur the head with time. Instead use a Moyra Wonder wheel or Moyra Stamper head cleaner for cleaning.

Warning acetone and acetone free nail polish removers may matte the transparent plastic handle of clear stampers, so make sure to keep them away from such materials. We suggest cleaning the handles with warm soapy water or alcohol


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