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Moyra Stamping Plate No 093 - Blossometry 2


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Moyra's selection of stamping plates continues to grow, offering more options for those seeking to create stunning and unique nails. These plates are of professional quality and come in a larger size, allowing for quick and easy creation of intricate nail designs. Whether you're a professional in a salon or doing your nails at home, Moyra stamping plates are the perfect tool to help you achieve beautiful and special nail art in a matter of minutes.

Moyra Stamping Plate

Discover the Moyra Stamping Plate: Elevate your nail art game with these high-quality, expansive Stamping Plates. Achieve stunning and unique nails effortlessly, whether you're at home or in a professional salon setting.

Unlock the full potential of Moyra Stamping Plates with our simple yet effective instructions:

  1. Start by peeling off the protective Blue Sticker from the Plate before your initial use.
  2. Ensure a pristine surface by thoroughly cleaning the Plate (2-3 times) with Moyra Nail Polish Remover or Plate Cleaner.
  3. Choose your desired design and apply Stamping Nail Polish or Stamping Gel Polish onto the Plate.
  4. Eliminate excess nail polish with the Scraper, holding it at a 45-degree angle for precision.
  5. Pick up the design using your stamper, employing a rolling or quick straight motion.
  6. Stamp the intricate design onto your nails with a similar fluid motion.
  7. Seal the beauty with a Top Coat—opt for SP Top Coat, Aqua Top Coat, or Ever Shine Top Coat for enduring results.
  8. Keep your Stamping Plate pristine by cleaning it with Moyra Nail Polish Remover or Moyra Plate Cleaner.

A crucial reminder: Never use acetone on your Stamping Plate for optimal performance and longevity.

Elevate your nail art experience with Moyra Stamping Plates, the key to effortlessly creating beautiful and lasting nail designs.


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