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Moyra Stamping Polish Aqua Top Coat


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Moyra Aqua Top Coat: The Ultimate Stamping Protector!

Experience the power of Moyra Aqua Top Coat, specially formulated to preserve your stamped patterns with ease. This water-based top coat won't dissolve or distort even the finest, delicate designs. We highly recommend using it after applying pigment powder, effect powders, and nail foil to ensure long-lasting brilliance. Say goodbye to dullness, as our Aqua Top Coat won't corrode or diminish the shine of your nail decoration foils. Whether you're applying it on colored nail polish or natural nails, Moyra Aqua Top Coat is your go-to for a flawless, protected finish. Discover the magic today!

Moyra SP Top Coat: Instant Nail Perfection!

Experience the enchantment of Moyra Aqua Top Coat, the fast-drying nail polish specially crafted for flawless results. With its rich pigmentation and seamless coverage, creating stunning nail art has never been simpler. A must-have for stamped nails, our Stamping topcoat preserves delicate patterns without smudging or dissolution. Elevate your style with Moyra Aqua Top Coat and embrace flawless nails in no time. Explore our collection now and unleash your creativity!

For optimal results, we recommend applying Moyra Aqua Top Coat after using pigment powder, effect powders, and nail foil to ensure long-lasting brilliance.

Unit Size: 12 ml.


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