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Moyra Tip Fixing Clip


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Moyra Tip Fixing Clip - the secret to precise and secure nail tip placement! When using Moyra Reverse Dual Tip and Moyra Fusion acrylic gel, enhance your nail building process with this essential tool. Paired with the tip fixing tweezers, the Moyra Tip Fixing Clip ensures accurate and professional results. Elevate your nail game and achieve a flawless finish with improved precision. Get yours today and take your nail art to the next level!

Moyra Tip Fixing Clip

When constructing nails using Moyra Reverse Dual Tip and Moyra Fusion acrylic gel, it is recommended to utilize the Moyra Tip Fixing Clip along with the tip fixing tweezers. This will aid in ensuring precise and secure placement of the tips during the nail building process. Incorporating these tools into your routine can result in improved accuracy and a more professional finish.


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