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Moyra Tip Glue Gel 1


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Moyra Tip Glue Gel 1 - the ultimate adhesive solution for Moyra Nail Tips! This flexible gel, applied with a convenient brush, ensures a long-lasting hold. With its soakable formula, removal is a breeze. Elevate your nail game and achieve flawless results with Moyra Tip Glue Gel 1. Get yours today and enjoy a lasting bond for stunning nail creations!

Moyra Tip Glue Gel 1

Brush on, flexible Gel to glue Moyra Nail Tips and to have a long lasting result. It is soakable.

Moyra Tip Glue Gel 1 is developed for the tip should be applied on the prepared nails as a base layer. After 30 seconds of curing and applying the second layer the proper sized tip needs to be placed on the nail and then cure the nail again.

Unit Size 10 ml


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