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Moyra Water Decal No 01


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Discover the beauty of Moyra Water Decals! These stunning water transfer stickers feature a wide range of designs, including vibrant and pastel colors, floral patterns, abstract shapes, and more. Whether you want to cover your entire nail surface or create intricate designs on specific areas, these water decals are perfect for all your nail art needs. With easy application and stunning results, Moyra Water Decals are a must-have for every nail art enthusiast. Elevate your nail art game with these beautiful decals today!

Moyra Water Decal 

Moyra water transfer stickers with diverse designs, vivid and pastel colours, flowers and abstract shapes, etc. They can be used on the whole surface of the nail or only on parts and can be well combined with other nail art techniques. Simple usage, beautiful results!


  1. Prepare the background for the sticker on the nail. For this you may use nail polish, gel polish, gel, acrylic powder or any other nail art techniques. (eg. painting, nail stamping, etc.)
  2. Cut out the selected water transfer stickers (decal) and remove the transparent foil from the top.
  3. Hold the nail decal in a small bowl of water with tweezers for 10 - 20 seconds.
  4. Slide the nail decal off the white backing.
  5. Carefully place the nail decal on your nail and move it to the right place.
  6. Dab excess water off the nail decal with a paper towel.
  7. Seal in the nail with one or two coats of nail polish topcoat or top gel.

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