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Moyra Wonder Wheel Sticky Roller in Holder


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Moyra Wonder Wheel Stamper Cleaning Cylinder in Holder - the ultimate tool for maintaining and enhancing the lifespan of your stamping tools. Say goodbye to residue buildup and hello to flawless stamping results. Perfect for nail artists and enthusiasts alike, this must-have cleaning cylinder is your key to achieving long-lasting, impeccable stamping. Invest in the best for exceptional results.

Wonder Wheel Sticky Roller in Holder

The Moyra Wonder Wheel Stamper Cleaning Cylinder in Holder is an essential tool for maintaining and prolonging the life of your stamping tools. This cylinder is designed to gently clean print heads and prevent the accumulation of residue that can impede the effectiveness of your stamping tools.

To use this cleaning cylinder, open the cover of the holder and remove the first layer of the cylinder, which is not sticky, before first use. Then, touch the print head to the sticky surface of the cylinder to remove any residual ink or debris. Once you have finished cleaning, close the cover of the holder to keep the cylinder clean and protected.

The used, sticky paper sheets can be easily removed, and the sticky roller can be easily replaced with a spare roller that is available for the holder. This ensures that your cleaning cylinder remains effective and hygienic, enabling you to maintain the quality and precision of your stamping tools.

The Moyra Wonder Wheel Stamper Cleaning Cylinder in Holder is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to achieve flawless and long-lasting stamping results. Whether you are a professional nail artist or an enthusiast, this cleaning cylinder is a valuable investment that will help you achieve the best possible stamping results.


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