Welcome to Moyra

Moyra SA specialises in distributing of high-quality nail products from Hungary, including nail stamping Plates, Stamping Polishes and other nail art accessories. As a leading brand in the stamping nail art market, we offer the highest quality nail stamping plates with the most detailed patterns.

Since we launched our first plate collection , we keep coming out with new plates every month. Each of the plates represents a different theme and style, as our goal is to make sure everyone finds a plate that suits their unique style.

Who we are

Moyra Hungry has been in the professional nail industry for over 25 years. Our large range includes more than 200 colours of nail polish, all types of professional nail materials, nail art tools and accessories.

Our online store specialises in: 

  • Professional nail stamping plates and accessories
  • Nail polish
  • Nail care tools 
  • UV/LED colour gels
  • Colour acrylics
  • Files
  • Stickers 
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic paints 

and much more

What exactly is nail stamping?

DIY nail art is beautiful but can be quite time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. Nail stamping is an innovative and modern nail art technique that entails transferring beautiful designs to your nails using a specific device called a nail stamper. Essentially, you apply nail polish onto an etched metal plate and use the squishy part of the stamper to pick up the image and then roll it onto your nails.

Nail stamping makes it easy for nail technicians to create finely detailed and unique nail art, especially when combining it with other nail art techniques.

At Moyra , we design our plates and work on developing the best accessories and techniques to make stamping quick and easy.

Browse our collection 

At Moyra, our team works very closely to achieve the best results. We are very proud of our designs as they stand out with their fine lines and rich details. If you’re interested in our collection, browse our online shop now.